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  1. All e-mails are welcome

  2. Be sure to use search feature to find what you are searching for, before contacting us.

  3. Keep in mind that the e-mails that requesting something that is above our forces and knowledge will not be answered, even with the negative answer, if our free time isn't sufficient to do that.

  4. The best way to request projects, schematics, info about your projects, help or something else that you can't find on these pages is to use the Community Forum.

  5. Community Forum is the best place to find what you are searching for.

  6. Please don't ask technical questions from this form. I can't answer tons of them daily. Instead use the Community Forum

  7. When you send a question don't forget to fill your e-mail so I can reply!


Email address

if you have problem using this form email me direct at: lioooo@iq-technologies.net




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