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R1 = 1k
R2 = 470k
R3 = 10k
R4 = 5k1
R5 = 4k7
R6,7 = 100k
R8,9 = 1M
R10 = 10R
C1-10 = 100nF/63V
C11 = 47nF/63V
E1,4 = 220uF/16V
E2 = 4u7F/16V
E3 = 22uF/16V
IC1 = ISD2560 + socket
IC2 =LM78L05
IC3 = LM386 + socket
MIC = Condensator microphone
S1,2 = Pushbutton (S1 = Start and Pause. S2 = Stop and Reset)
S3 = Change-over switch
Højttaler = 8R speaker


The 2 pushbuttons = S1: Start/Pause. S2: Stop/Reset.

If you want to play your message, put S3 at Play. Then push S1 to start playing and again to pause.

If you want to delete your message press S2 twice.

If you want to record a message put S3 at Rec. Then push S1 to start and S2 to stop.




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