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20W Bridge Audio Amplifier
author: Rajkumar Sharma




20W Bridge Audio Amplifier kit, based on the TDA2005 IC, a class B dual audio amplifier, specifically designed for car radio applications etc.

  • Power supply - 18 VDC

  • Output power - 20 W, 4 Ω

  • IC built in Thermal Shut-down, Load dump voltage surge protected

  • Terminal pins for connecting left and right audio signal inputs

  • Relimate Connector for connecting Potentiometer (POT) for volume adjustment

  • Power Battery Terminal (PBT) for easy power supply and speaker connection

  • Power-On LED indicator

  • Heatsink for IC

  • Four mounting holes of 3.2 mm each with nut and stud

  • PCB dimensions 63 mm x 65 mm




Parts List





Download this circuit in PDF




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