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Unusual clock with AT89C2051

author: ivica.novakovic - [website]

Why unusual clock?

Strangeness of this clock is in its expression of numbers, which is realized using seven Leds.

 Leds are located inside a pipe, one above another and if we move Leds enough fast left or right, we have a space where we can write numbers, characters or anything else.

All these are possible only if we turn on specific Leds at precision timing.

Moving LEDs left or right is achieved using a steel plate, so we have to tense the pipe in one direction (left or right) and let pipe to vibrate by itself.

That "virtual display" has resolution of 30*7 dots or five characters (5*7 with one empty column).



To make this device you will need:

- A Piece of metal board (I used al-board 150mm*20mm)

- Al-pipe in which are located LEDs (fi 10mm *145mm), it can be of any material, but must be light and firm.

- Plate steel 65mm*15mm*0.35mm

On al-pipe you must drill 7 holes, where you will place 7 Leds. LEDs are connected with thin copper wire to circuit board. You must have more patience cutting “piezo” to about 4mm and soldering it or glue it to steel plate.

“Piezo” is significant piece in this device, as it is used for triggering and helps us to know the position of Leds.
“Piezo” is a piezoelectric element and you can find it in clocks, buzzers…





Time adjusting

Setting time is not a complicated process, with key “Time” and “Hour” you can change hours and with “Time” and “Min” – minutes. The same thing applies also in alarm setting. Time and alarm setting is possible only when the pipe vibrates with your help. When the pipe be still, you can’t change time or alarm.

When time is identical to alarm setting you will see one neat effect with LEDs.



Download hex program code:


program SatAT89C2051


Download PCB/Schem layout:



sch, pcb - SatAT89C2051 - pcb file in Protel 99 SE

SatAT89C2051.pdf - pcb file in PDF format

Download full article in .doc




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