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25W Mosfet audio amplifier
Two way cross-over 3500 Hz
Mini-box 2W amplifier
50W amplifier
100W rms amplifier
22W audio amplifier
Low impedance microphone amplifier
Low pass filter - subwoofer filter
3 Line mixer
Digital volume control
Electronics attenuator
18W audio amplifier
200W audio amplifier
2x30W (stereo) amplifier with STK465
Auto volume control
10W Mini Audio Amplifier
100 W Audio Amplifier
Portable Headphone Amplifier
Speech Recorder
Precision Audio Millivoltmeter
Phono Preamplifier
Headphone Amplifier
Amplified Ear
Portable Microphone Preamplifier
Portable Mixer
Stereo Preamplifier with Bass-boost
10W Audio Amplifier with Bass-boost
Automatic Loudness Control
Three-Level Audio Power Indicator
Guitar Amplifier
60W Guitar Amplifier
60W Bass Amplifier
Digital Volume Control
FET Audio Mixer
Sound Level Meter
Stereo Tube Amplifier
3 Channel Spectrum Analyzer
Amplifier of acoustic frequencies with preamplifier
Bass-treble tone control circuit

Speaker Box Audio Amp
Motorola Hi-Fi power amplifier
2N3055 Power Amplifier
5,000W ultra-light, high-power amplifier, without switching-mode power supply
Tiny audio amplifier using LM386
Stereo tape head preamplifier using LA3161
20W Bridge Audio Amplifier
20W Audio Amplifier using LM1875
Active Bass & Tremble Controller
Three Channel Audio Mixer
Infrared cordless Headphone Amplifier
200W Audio Amplifier
5-Band Graphic Equalizer
600W Audio Amplifier
Portable Audio Amplifiers
Universal Preamplifier
Cheap Audio Booster



Car Battery Indicator
Pulsing Third Brake Light
Headlight Flasher
Speed-limit Alert
Automatic Headlight Brightness Switch
Car Battery Charger
Electronic car ignition
Simple but reliable car battery tester
Synchronized multi-spark module (SMSM) for Electronic Ignition Devices (EID)

Nite Rider Lights
Automotive 12V to +-20V converter (for audio amplifier)

Games and entertainment - Robots

The Flashing Heart
The Millipede

3V LED Chaser
6V Ultra-Bright LED Chaser
High Power LED mood Lamp
PIC16F84A discolight effect with bass beat control

Models and model remote control

Deluxe Charge Rate Limiter for Small Capacity NiCad Batteries
Infrared gate 2
Downed Model Locator
Precision Receiver Battery Low Voltage Alarm
Multi Rocket Launcher
Discharger for Receiver Battery Packs
Receiver Battery Low Voltage Alarm
Infra Red Switch
Infrared Remote Control
Downed Model Locator II


Motor, light and power control

Phorism with 12V
Black Light
PWM Motor/Light Controller
Unipolar Stepper Motor Controller
Adjustable Strobe Light
Fan control
DC Motor Control Circuit
Simple Servo Tester
Sound Level Indicator
Low power blink led
On-Off Temperature Control
DC Motor Reversing Circuit
Dome Lamp Dimmer
LED or Lamp Flasher
220 Volts Flashing Lamps
Bicycle back Safety Light
Two-wire Lamp Flasher
Courtesy Light

Battery-powered Night Lamp
LED or Lamp Pulser
Dancing LEDs
Fading LEDs
Brightness Control for small Lamps
Dark-activated LED or Lamp Flasher
Temperature-controlled Fan
LEDs or Lamps Sequencer
12VDC Fluorescent Lamp Driver
LED Chaser (Knight Rider lights)
TRIAC Light Dimmer
Infa-Red Remote Control
IR Remote Control Jammer
LASER Transmitter/Receiver
Pulse Width Modulation DC Motor Control
Stepper Motor Controller

Knightrider lights for model cars
Triple Stroboscope
73 MHz Hallogene Lamp Radio-Controlled
Simple DC motor PWM speed control
6 Channel Auto Reverse Sequential Disco Running Lights
Auto Heat Limiter for Soldering Iron
Solid State Power Controller
High And Low Voltage Cut Off With Time Delay

Light Control System
IR Light Dimmer v.1
High current bipolar stepper motor controller
DC servo motor driver
200W Lamp Flasher
555 stepper pulse generator
Dark Sensitive Switch
5 Lamp / LED Flash Driver
Low cost / Automatic Emergency Light
Automatic Fan Controller


Oscillators and timers

Reverse Bias Oscillator
1KHz Sinewave Generator
Self-powered Sine to Square wave Converter
Amplifier Timer
Low-distortion Audio-range Oscillator
Precision Metronome and Pitch generator
Bedside Lamp Timer
Timed Beeper
Mini Metronome
Jogging Timer
Tan Timer
Pulse-Generator & Signal-Tracer
Headlights Timer
Digital Stopwatch 0-99sec
Digital Stopwatch 0-60sec
Adjustable High/Low Frequency Sine wave generator
28 LED Clock Timer
Photo Timer Circuit

Darkroom Timer v2.0A for PCB Exposure Box
230V Blinking LED
Pulse generator


PC related

RS-232 Laser Transceiver
Casio data logger
The Relay Sub Board
The 8Way Relay Board
A Worked Stepping Motor Example
4 Ch Digital Logic Analyzer and 5 Ch Digital Oscilloscope in Parallel Port
3-Axis Stepper Controller
Opto-Isolated Stepper Motor Controller
DS1621 pc thermometer
Serial Cable for Casio Digital Cameras
LCD to LPT with Lirc
VGA to TV Scart
Simple PC thermometer
DS1620 based USB Digital Thermometer
The Simplified I/O Interface
PC Thermometer V2
Stepper motor controller
IrDA interface for your mainboard
Improved Infrared Receiver with status led
Build your own printer cable LCD Display
8 Channel software controlled fanbus with PWM
An Improved Infrared Receiver with status led (Billy's Plug)
RJ45 Network card to IR communication
A Laboratory Control System for Cold Atom Experiments

8 Channel LPT relay board
USB Sound Card with PCM2702
Ethernet Controller


MCU (Microcontrollers)

Smart card programmer
Producing your own Decrypt Viewing Card Mk2
Phoenix Programmer
Gold wafer cards
Funcard Programmer
Programmers for Jupiter Card
Ponyprog Circuit for AVR & PIC16F84
Ponyprog Circuit for ATMEL'S AVR
ATMEL 89 Series Flash Microcontroller Programmer
EPROM adapter for ATMEL 89 Programmer
PIC diode tester
Nokia 3310 Lcd Thermometer using DS18B20

ATmega48/88/168 Development Board
AquaCont - Aquarium Control
Digital Volt and Amp Meter with Temperature Control


RF Circuits

4W FM Transmitter
FM Transmitter Bug
TV Signal amplifier
Small Radio Transmitter
Electronic Eavesdropping Devices Detector
AM Receiver
Radio Shack Special
ZN414 Portable AM Receiver
20dB VHF Amplifier
Linear FM 30Watt
AM Transmitter
2 Transistor FM Voice Transmitter
Linear FM 50Watt with BLY90
15W Fm-transmitter
Video signal amplifier
3W FM Transmitter
CB receiver
CB transmitter
Transmitter FM 45W with valve
FM radio
4W FM Transmitter
Active FM antena
A small FM transmitter (SMD)
Nostalgic Crystal Radio
Medium range transmitter

AM to FM converter
60W Linear amplifier
AM FM Simultaneous Transmitter Using Digital IC
The "UnFETtered Crystal Radio!
Simple FM Transmitter



Ni -Cd Batteries Charger
Basic UPS Power Supply
0-30 Vdc Stabilized Power Supply With Current Control 0.002-3 A
Auto batteries charger (Pd)
+/- 15V Dual Regulated Power Supply
Fuse Monitor / Alarm

Nicad Battery Charger
Regulated 12V 500mA power supply
12 Volt 30 Amp PSU
LM317 Variable power supply 1,2 - 25V 1.5A
Variable DC Power Supply 0,7-24V 50mA - 2A
Self-powered Fast Battery-Tester
AC Current Monitor
6V to 12V Converter
Dual Polarity Power Supply
Fixed Voltage Power Supply
High Current Power Supply
LASER Power Supply
Portable CD Player Adapter For Car
Solid State Tesla Coil/High Voltage Generator
Transformerless Power Supply
Voltage Inverter
Voltage Inverter II
5V/1A Power Supply
Instrument panel lamp dimmer control
13.8V 10A power supply
13.8V 20A power supply
0-50V 2A Bench power supply
A simple step-up converter (6V to 12V)
Solar charger for lead-acid batteries.
3-30 V/2.5 A Stabilized power supply
500W low cost 12V to 220V inverter
TTL Power Supply with ‘Crowbar’ protection
Batteries charger & PSU - ideal for digital cameras
Pulse Charger for reviving tired Lead Acid batteries

NiCd - NiMH Charger
1.2 - 15V/3A adjustable regulated power supply
Dual Voltage Power Supply

Robotics - GPS

12-way Input/Output Interface
Church bell Controller
Open GPS Tracker

Security and other sensors and detectors

Light switch
Touch switch
IR Remote Control Extender Circuit
Frost Alarm
Sound Operated Switch
Remote Doorbell Warning Switch
UltraSonic Radar
Infra Red Remote Control Extender
IR transceiver 1.0
Digital Remote Thermometer
Fridge door Alarm
Room Noise Detector
Capacitive Sensor
Ultra-simple Voltage Probe
Live-line Detector
Infra-red Level Detector
Emergency Light & Alarm
Heating System Thermostat
Field-strength meter
Door Alarm
Mains Remote-Alert
Light/Dark Detector
Low Voltage Alarm
Touch Switch II
Voice activated switch
Metal Detector
Economical Pump Controller
iButton electronic lock
Electronic Locker
Everything-that-moves ALARM
Led Sensor
Water level buzzer
Ethernet based Security System


Science related

Lightning Detector
Geomagnetic field detector
Infrared Detector
Seismic detector
Magnetic Gun
Electromagnetic field detector
Field-strength meter 1
Plants Watering Watcher
Muscular Bio-Stimulator
Magnetic-Radiation Remote-Control
Salt Taster
Air Flow Detector
Electronic Stethoscope
Rain Detector
High Voltage Stun Gun
Mini efficient coil launcher from disposable camera flash

Plants Watering Watcher 2
Electronic Stethoscope 2

Telephone related

Phone line indicator
Phone "Hold" With Music
Soft Musical Telephone Ringer
Telephone amplifier
Telephone line monitor
Cut Phone Line Detector
FM Telephone Bug
Phone Busy Indicator
Ringing Phone Light Flasher
Simple Phone Tap
Telephone Hold Button
Telephone line monitor
The Link Telephone Intercom
The Link A2B+1 (the Link Telephone Intercom - DTMF version)
The Link 4+0 – Internal Intercom
The Original 2 Phone Link Design
8 Line Intercommunication using 89c51

The Link "P" - Privacy Link! (Telephone Intercom)
Two way Simple Very Small Telephone Exchange

Test and measurement

Continuity Tester
Latching Continuity Tester
IR Remote Control Tester
Linear Resistance Meter
XTal Tester
Capacitance Meter
Digital Voltmeter
Transistor Tester
Function Generator
Triangle / Square wave Generator
Picoammeter circuit with 4 ranges
Beeper to find short circuits
Voltage follower with 1G ohm input resistance
Led display digital Voltmeter
Inductance meter adapter
Crystal Tester
Oscilloscope testing module (huntron circuit)
Voltage Monitor
Logic Probe
Digital Radar Speedometer

Voltmeter + Ammeter LCD panel
IR Digital Thermostat for FAN


Keys Finder
SmartCard PC Emulator
Economy radar detector
S-video to RCA
One-IC two-tones Siren
Digital Step-Km Counter
Whistle Responder
Nocturnal Animals Whisker
Cellular Phone calling Detector
Cuckoo sound Generator
7 Segment LED Counter
Simple Lie Detector
Time Delay Relay
Time Delay Relay II
Flyback Transformer Driver
Simple optical switch

Unusual clock with AT89C2051
Audio VU meter 9 leds
IR Remote Volume Controller
Solid state relay switch
Dual Relay Driver Board
4 channel infrared remote relays
The experimenter’s pot - Digital Potentiometer
MAX6953 Development board

Tube Circuits

Direct Coupled 15 Watt Amp
Dynakit Mark III 60 Watt Power Amplifier
Stereo Tube Amp
Nixie Clock
25 Watt Music Amplifier
Push - Pull 24 Watt A Class Amplifier

500w 4X150A/7034 Tube 26-30MHz VHF output amplifier
Tube 829 RF power amplifier







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